About Myself

By: Camila Gonzalez

Hey all! My name is Camila Gonzalez and this is my second year interning through Ogallala Commons. I’m beyond excited to be back for another round of interning with Main Street Dodge City, which is an organization through the Dodge City Ford County Development Corporation. Here, we focus on the revitalization of downtown areas while preserving the history that the area holds. Dodge City holds a very special place in my heart even though I can’t stay here longer than a week without going crazy. It’s definitely interesting going off to college for the first year because home is not exactly at college or at home.

I’ve now ended my first official year at college as a fashion Major with a specialization in Business and a minor in leadership studies. With two years left in my journey toward a bachelor, I’ve been focusing on finding an internship in my field. My career plans haven’t changed since last year. I go to Kansas State University, where they focus on environmental sustainability in my major which I am very passionate about. My goal is still to do Marketing for a contemporary, sustainable brand or business.
I love the company of my friends, my cheagle (chihuahua and beagle mix), and I also love shopping (non fast fashion brands though).

My favorite memories during last year’s internship were mainly during our luncheon meetings. Firstly, because I get paid to eat and listen, absolutely amazing. A moment that stood out from the rest was meeting the Governor of Kansas and being able to tell her about this organization!

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