About my Internship

I was matched to Conner Industries. It is a family owned and ran industry construction business. I have been exposed to so many different operations that they are involved in. I find all of it to be very intriguing. Because I am getting to learn how things in the industry start from the ground up. They have hydrovac crews, concrete crews, welding, crane and rigging and sand and gravel. They are involved in so many things that I have not begin to even know. They are truly multifaceted. I really like how they make you feel as though you have always been a part of their team/family. During my second week I learned to drive a roller/packer and run a hose from there water truck. There is a good story behind their water truck. It is a military truck that they restored and turned it into a water truck. Which they even utilize it for the community to help with wild fires. They are very involved in the community. I find this very reassuring and am pleased that I have been given this opportunity. They have even enlightened me to another field of study, which is safety. I am rather quickly embracing. The pictures I posted are of my partner. But we both were doing the same that day.

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