About Me

Hi my name is Chloe Johnson. I am 13 and going into the eighth grade. I was born in La Junta Colorado but, I am being raised in Campo, Colorado. My family has always lived in Baca County working as farmers and ranchers. My mom is the Campo School Business Manager and my dad teaches shop and is a rancher in Campo. I have one little sister that is 10 years old and in the 5th grade here in Campo. I love playing volleyball and basketball, helping my dad with the cattle, driving tractor, and hanging out with friends. I also try to help all I can in my community and school.

I am involved with several different things such as Wesleyan Youth Group, Friends of Rachel (FOR) Club, Student Council, leadership activities, entrepreneurship fairs, entrepreneurship camps, and sports. I try to be involved with several things because I believe all of them will help me in the future, especially to help me be more confident. I am doing this internship to help with my confidence too but mainly because I care so much about my community. I want to do everything I can to better the town and to make kids want to come back after college.

In the future I plan to attend LCC or OPSU to teach junior high and high school history in my hometown Campo, Colorado. I also plan to continue running cattle because I enjoy it a lot, and be a basketball or volleyball coach.


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