About Me

By: Gwyneth Shaddon

My name is Gwyneth Shaddon, and I come from a middle-class family in Amarillo Texas. I will be a senior at Ascension Academy this August. From a very young age, I started to excel in math and science. Even today I pursue a better education in STEM subjects. For years now I have had my dream career set on Forensic Pathology. My hopes are to go to Ohio State University or Texas Tech University to be a Chemistry and Biology major, then go into medical school for Pathology.
While my education is at the top of my priorities, I have other hobbies as well.

Ever since I was a little kid, sports were a major part of my life. I did softball for 10 years where I was the main pitcher for my team. Softball was a major part of my life but I have done other sports as well including fencing, volleyball, basketball, and track. Now I currently do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Besides my education and sports, art is another one of my passions. I have been creating artwork ever since I was a small child. I was first introduced to creating art by my grandpa, who was an artist himself. I use his art supplies whenever I create my own artwork. I have always found drawing as a way to relax. I can do all different kinds of artwork, but out of them all, drawing with pencils is my favorite. I have always been the best at graphite drawing.

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