About me

Hiking Mount Elbert, Colorado

Hello! My name is Gabriel Steadman. I was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas. I am currently attending West Texas A&M and majoring in civil engineering. After I graduated high school, I started my schooling at Amarillo College where I was offered the opportunity to become a math tutor and is still my place of work while I attend school.

My friend Jesus and I at the Grand Canyon

I enjoy the process of solving a problem and have the advantage of being able to translate this to assist students and peers with their work. I’ve been involved with theatre programs in school and local theatres either as a cast member or working backstage.

I’m always trying to use my free time to learn new skills or enjoy my hobbies. I love hiking, rafting and skiing in Colorado and New Mexico, playing music on my guitar, or watching movies with my friends.

Some of my goals for the internship is to give back to my local communities which for me means to create the learning material in such a way that it is accommodating and accessible to anybody viewing it.

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