Abigail Schleis

Hello, I’m Abigail Schleis, I’m from Amarillo, Texas. I’m currently interning at the Schaffer Farm at Jericho (old Route 66). I’m currently attending West Texas A&M University; I will be graduating this year in the fall of 2023 with my bachelor’s degree in Science of Psychology and a minor in Art.

A little factoid about me is I’m an artist, I like to experiment with different forms of art or what can be art. As a person excelling in psychology, I attend experiences that are helpful for people and understanding mental health. I find ways that can be an outlet/source of therapy as well. I want to know the basics of human nature and living- as agriculture is not only therapeutic but a vital source of survival. I do believe agriculture is a basic necessity to be part of nature, to grow, and understand. Learning is never an aged thing, keep learning.

A quick update about what’s happening at the Schaffer Farm. We started basically from scratch, so we were finding ways to be innovative with the resources we got, but most definitely set the plan for growing locally sourced food (organically) and being part of the food supply in nearby towns. We started growing a variety of tomatoes, a variety of peppers, squash, zucchini, and much more. We have also mapped and planned for useful methods for this for a fruitful season. To me and some of us at the farm have been experiencing great things that brought us more knowledge.

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