A Wide Community

The Community of Garden City has carried history and culture within, and accepted the cultures as they joined. I’ve mentioned the History of the town and the Foods and markets provided by the newcomers. Here, I’d like to give a few new examples of a welcoming place

My favorite coffee shop, Central Cup, is a very comfortable place for relaxing and Conveniently has a game corner right next to it. On Fridays, I saw many families coming by to enjoy a nice coffee or smoothie, and swing by the game corner to relax and enjoy the start of their weekend. While this place may be newer to Garden City, I hope I can see it continue to grow as a community center.

Closer to me for other reasons, La Iglesia Bautista del Sur has been a big part of the summer meals programs I’ve worked with, and a big part of my first internship project. One of the many churches assisting with this program, Garden has a wide variety of spiritual centers, and they all help the community grow in heart, health, and spirit.

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