A Little Introduction…

Hi my name is Scarlett Olsen. I grew up in the middle of Kansas and always thought I would end up back here. I love Kansas but I have recently found that I love to travel even more. I am a senior at Fort Hays State University studying Communications- Public Relations. I have changed my major multiple times butCommunications is broad and allows me to be creative, I feel it is a great fit!

I am so excited to work with my supervisors Sydney & William and become more prepared for the real world that I will be entering soon.There are many things I love to do and I am hoping to incorporate some of them into my internship this Summer. I love the outdoors, children, and living life to the fullest. I’ve worked at a grade school for two years now and I love the kids, they are hilarious. My friends are the most important thing to me in the world and I’d do anything for them. I love nearly any type of music and especially live music! I also love creating advertisements and I know one project of mine this Summer will be to create a promotional video for Larneds Santa Fe Trail Days celebration.

I plan to study abroad in the Spring of 2016 to Europe. I haven’t picked an exact destination yet but I will by the time Summer comes to a close. My sister was in Athens, Greece for Spring 2015 semester and she loved it, she has inspired me through her traveling to do the same. I know I will miss home but this is an opportunity that I just can’t pass up. I was lucky enough to visit her over Spring Break and I’m so glad I did. The world is such a great place.

This Summer I hope to gain skills and knowledge that will help me in my future endeavors in work and life. I am so happy I have this opportunity and I can’t wait to get started.


GreeceThis photo is of my sister, me, and my cousin in front of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece.


ColoradoThis photo is of me, my best friend Michaela, and my high school friend Branson. 5 of us took a trip to my families cabin in Colorado last week and had so much fun!


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