A little bit about myself

I was born in Pueblo Colorado, a rural city known for not much other than it’s Chili and as I grew, so did the town around me. I’ve witnessed a small, underdeveloped downtown area grow into the artistic expression of a diverse peoples. I believe that my hometown’s liberal expression of art, and change, both within community and politics, have instilled in me my fundamentals as have my connections with my elders, who have truly shown me the impacts of a life lived(both great and poorly). My school district’s failures remind me each and every day that change can only come from great wealth or the unnerving masses of a movement, a symbolic ideal that I take to heart. I have learned from my 16 years of life, that inaction breeds impotence and that any form of action, no matter how small can be compounded greatly across generations. From this internship I seek to gain a deeper understanding of the sociology of commerce, as well as an understanding of how I would like to lead my future.

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