A Little Bit About Me – Alea Wittler

Hello, my name is Alea Wittler. I am 14 years old (about to turn 15 but my parents refuse to believe it). I live in Southeast Colorado in the  small rural community of Vilas I think I’ll start out by telling you a little about myself.  My favorite food is pot stickers, my favorite color is gray (Yes I am aware that it is the most boring color available), and my hobbies include dancing lyrical ballet, videography, and I LOVE to travel as well. I would love to go to Europe and Asia. I would love to study abroad when I am in college. My plans for the future? Well to be honest I’m not sure yet, I love history so I’m thinking about a history major or maybe library sciences. I also enjoy journalism and would love to be a reporter. So we’ll see what happens.This is my second year interning through Ogallala Commons, and this year I will be interning at Vanguard Strategic. Vanguard Strategic is a strategic consulting company, owned by my family. I will be helping this year in the office, and learning about the business. My family also runs a local print shop, so I’ll be working there as well. Being a part of OC has really helped me step out of my comfort zone. My three goals that I had going into this job were, Talk to at least five people I didn’t know on the phone, get to know my coworkers better, and to set up a leadership activity for my 4-H club. I did know my “Coworkers” before the internship started I just wanted to get to know them better. Which I have accomplished. When I first started working at the print shop as well as Vanguard Strategic, I was terrified of answering the phone or helping customers. However now I do it almost everyday! I’ve learned that it’s not that bad at all. OC is a great organization because it has given me the opportunity to experience something I’ve never really done before. It has been a lot of fun so far and I look forward to seeing what else is in store for me!

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