A Little Bit About Me

Hello! My name is Traeli Hutches and I am from a small, rural town in northeastern Colorado. I am an incoming freshman student at Colorado State University where I am majoring in chemistry and will be a member of the Key Health Community. After CSU, I plan on attending dental school to later on become either a dentist or an orthodontist. With my dad being in the medical field for over twenty years, I have grown inspired to help others in the same fashion. However, I have wanted to go into the dentistry field, specifically, ever since I had my braces put on at thirteen years old. I further developed my love for dentistry during my high school careers program where I was able to shadow and find a mentor in our local dentist, Doctor Noteware. Through this high school class, I was inspired to extend my shadowing opportunity through the summer. I enjoy reading, painting, watching movies, helping others, traveling, golfing, and swimming. For the Ogallala Commons internship program, I am very excited to be shadowing the local dentist and can’t wait to see the opportunities and experience everything I can.

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