A little about me

My name is Brook Goss.

I am from Swisher County and attend Kress High School. I live with my family on a farm outside of Kress. We are an active, busy family and enjoy doing it all together. I am very active in school activities and my local 4-H club. I enjoy being there for others and giving to the community. I have been playing basketball since I was in about first grade, and I love the sport. I will be a senior next year and graduate in 2022. Not only do I play basketball I am also in cross country, and a cheerleader at Kress High school. I have served as president, vice president and am currently the secretary of my local 4-H club. I don’t really have much time to myself because when I don’t have anything my siblings do. I enjoy going to my family’s events and spending time together. I am looking forward to learning new things through this internship. I am very passionate and enjoy caring for others. That is why I am interested in the medical field. My goal after high school is to go to nursing school. The reason I think this internship will help is that I get to explore different job opportunities to make sure I know what I want to do in the future. I am good with people and am a caring person. I am willing to listen and learn and want to excel in all that I do. 

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