A Lesson on Time

Remember back when time seemed to drag by?  We just wanted to be old enough to do something more. You know back when we were sure there would be plenty of time to get something done. For most it’s a sign you’re getting old or well seasoned. While for others maybe your still discovering the ever turning wheel of time. In either case as time moves forward and our lives take on responsibilities we are shown there is never enough time in the day. Now imagine with me for a second maintaining that busy schedule that becomes our lives. Then add in a huge project that helps to provide for others but takes full time hours to achieve. That my friends is the true story behind most farmers and growers.               

                For my community service I chose to stay field oriented with my time. I spent time this year helping in three local gardens. The first is a small education garden by the name of Angel Corners Garden. It’s a snug little homestead run by Tiffany Long. She specializes in jams, pickles and breads for the local markets. Though their main mission is to share Christianity and the blessings of the Lord through their education garden. The second was The Garden at High Plains Food Bank. Their goal is to teach nutrition and self-sufficiency through gardening and community partnership. They have an amazing education garden and do food distribution weekly.  The third has two entities to it. The non-profit side of Square Mile Community Development and for profit Nuke City Veg. Square Mile has a garden on 6th street that was designed to help with the San Jacinto renovation. While the main branch of Nuke City sits north of town. There is always something to be done in a garden. Be it building animal pens, grubbing out grass and weeds, planting, mulching, harvesting and many other things fill a task/wish list. With some of the storms we saw this year there has been plenty of cleanup as well. And though many would think different it’s not just a spring/summer gig. There is work and prep to be done year round to achieve a bountiful harvest.

                There are a lot of places one could share their time with. I chose the gardens because they represent my local food-shed. My hopes in my works are to help improve systems and education for food sustainability in homes that wish to learn. The gardens I partnered with strive to really help their community and those around them. And though my internship is ending. I see many more days with these gardens and their projects in store for myself.  It’s easy sometimes to get caught up in our own lives forgetting that our neighbors could use some help. Our time is a gift. Use it well.

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