A Great Start!

My first few weeks at Rooks County Hospital have been great! Before my internship started we had discussed that my primary interest was OB, but OB is often feast or famine so we agreed that when the OB unit was slow I would float to other units around the hospital. I started out the end of May with two labors the first week I was there! RCH offers what is called a doula to all of their delivering moms. Sadly their very well known doula is leaving to pursue her and her families dreams of becoming missionaries in Haiti. But I was lucky enough to be there for her last delivery at RCH. It was such an amazing experience to see her work! The month of June has been quite slow for the OB unit so I’ve been able to float to the clinics and also the OR, where I got in on several scopes and even a total knee revision! Through those experiences I’ve found that I really enjoy the OR and the clinics as well! All of the staff at Rooks County Health Center have been so welcoming and helpful, from the Physicians to the kitchen staff! I love the atmosphere and attitudes of the Rooks County Health System and could even see myself pursuing a job there after graduation in December!

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