A Day to Remember

The days, nights, and Months working with the people, the organizations, and projects has been truly amazing. Throughout this entire internship i have made new discoveries about my culture, the new world (America), and myself. one of the biggest things that this internship has done for me is open up doors for me to gain knowledge not only in agriculture, but any field of my interest. i have been able to attend conferences and go out of state with the help of OC and other sources. I just would like to give a shout out to one of the best work crews that i have had the privilege of working with. I know i have said many times talking about the Cochiti Summer Food Service program how much these women and men take pride and love what they do. These workers would be up at the crack of dawn cooking and preparing meals for all kids to come and enjoy. i would also help in their efforts to provide a healthy nutritious meal and a healthy safe environment for the kids to enjoy. I cannot give them the amount of credit they deserve. They have made working not even seem like work. I went to the kitchen with a big smile on my face everyday because i knew it was going to be a good one. I have learned so much from the ladies and i am greatful for all they do for the kids and the community. i can honestly say that the Summer Food Service Program was a complete success and would have not been done without the wonderful crew that was chosen. Project Hii Hii Kah was another successful project. I believe the mentors that were chosen were very reliable on teaching our ways of planting while also speaking our language. Shadowing these mentors while they teach the mentees was rather interesting. They all had they’re own way of planting (naturally) but they all had one thing in common which was good for the younger ones. They all carried themselves as if the plants were their children and nurtured them to become full grown and to produce healthy crop. It is very hard to explain but it is a way all things should be taken care of. I have had a privilege learning with the community. I cannot began to explain how much this internship has helped me to better myself for my people i am very greatful for all the opportunitiees that i had been given and i know more are to come. Thank you Ogallala Commons for this wonderful adventure that you have given me. I hope to one day work with OC again and continue to learn. Thank you.IMG_20150608_145134110_HDRIMG_20141009_145738651IMG_20150518_063828810_HDRFB_IMG_1443477989622FB_IMG_1443478021435FB_IMG_1443478032792FB_IMG_1443478042118 (1)0710151008a081815075407301514430730151031FB_IMG_1443478050758FB_IMG_1445034146507FB_IMG_1445034257113FB_IMG_1445034194971FB_IMG_1445034160897FB_IMG_1445034291704FB_IMG_1445034296278FB_IMG_1445034308267FB_IMG_1445034320422FB_IMG_1445034330464

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