Blog 1

Blog 1: Introduction of Daniel Rodriguez



       I took lessons on how to play the alto saxophone in my 5th grade year, and I have played in the school band seen the 5th grade. I am bilingual in english and spanish and I can read and write a little bit. My top five tactical skills are editing, writing, oral, communication, research.

I have experience with all these skills because of my internship at the radio station. For my short biographical sketch is that my parents are my parents are from Mexico and came to the United States to give me and my brothers a better life before we were born. I am the oldest of two brothers I was born on November 22nd of 2003 my hobbies are playing video games, playing the alto saxophone, and learning more about culture around the world. My interest are music and play instruments, my goals in life are to learn how to animate cartoon or become a chef or voice actor or a musical artist, and this internship will help me to be calm when I talk into a microphone and to label what I do for a living when I’m older. That’s why I want to work in this internship

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