The Commonwealth in Swisher County

Hey guys,

Over the last few weeks I’ve been blessed to work with Swisher county, and learn more about their Commonwealth assets. To me there are three aspects that stick out the most to me the history associate County the arts and culture Swisher county as well as the wildlife in the natural world. Over my time working with a Swisher Kenny extension I’ve been able to help Calley Runnels and John Villalba with the annual Swisher county picnic. This event is a week long and help to commemorate The birthday of Swisher county. These of events include a parade, rodeo dance, and many concerts over the week. Even things like drives across town to have fun with friends in classic cars! Arts and culture wise Swisher county has a library as well as museum for kids to come and learn more and study about the history and other events that have taken place over time In Swisher County. And finally the wild life and the natural world, over these last few weeks I’ve been able to do a lot of traveling with my internships and over this time I got to see so many amazing and wonderful things I’ve gotten to see wild pheasant, prairie chickens, even quail. As well as deer, jackrabbits, and snakes! Even more so I’ve got to see many of the rivers that run through Swisher county and help boost the areas around it. even though I may not  have talked about them, Swisher county really is rich in all areas of the 12 commonwealth assets. These assists are education, health, leisure and recreation, spirituality, history, sense of place, arts and history, water cycle, wildlife in the natural world, soil and mineral cycles, food shed, and renewable energy.

Above is a picture of downtown Tulia and below is a picture of myself and Shelbie, Holland, Christen, who are interns with Ogallala Commons and Jessi our Coordinator!

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