Bobby Villegas

I’m Bobby Villegas, I was born in Plainview,Texas on August-10-2001 and was raised and have lived in Tulia, Texas ever since. I am 16 and a third generation Villegas and I am attending Tulia High School. I live with my parents and sisters. My parents names are Bob and Jamie Villegas and my two sisters are named Micheala and Jaquie who is my twin sister. I also have a brother named Beau that lives in San Antonio,Texas. My mom is a stay-at-home Mom and My dad is a Captain for South West Airlines and has flown for the Compony for 22 years and flew for U.S. Air before Southwest  I am in Athletics and play Football and I also am on the Varsity Powerlifting team. I am In Auto Mechanics and Tulia Metal Trades/Welding in Tulia ISD. I am the Tulia Varsity Baseball Manager and have been for Three Years and I filmed for the Tulia Varsity Football Team for Three years and last year became my last year and I also Was the Varsity Basketball Manager for one Year. My  I look forward to this Summer internship and to see what I can do for Swisher County and to make a difference in the community on the First Picture This is Me and My Dad visiting with the Governor of Texas.The Second Picture this is My Family (Brother Missing). Third Picture Three Generations (Me, My Grandad, My dad).

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