First Blog

     My name is Alan Cano, and I’m a 15 year-old sophomore at Vilas Undivided High School. I’ve lived in Vilas all of my life, and man has it been great. The school is amazing, and the people are too. There’s a certain sense of community here that you don’t find in many places. But, let’s get back to talking about my life.

     I grew up in a mobile home with my three older brothers, where I got to watch The Lion King on VHS every day. Eventually, when I was in First or Second grade my family put a down payment of $20 on the old preacher’s house in my brother Raul’s name, he was the only citizen other than myself. That seller was an amazing and generous man, like most people in town, and inspired me to give back and help others like that man had helped us. Ever since that point, I’ve been involved in many groups that work for the betterment of the community, such as our good old Citizenship and Leadership Council.

     My reason for doing this internship is that I see it as an educational experience. I’ve only ever worked with my hands as farm labor, and I’ve always wanted to work at an “office job.” Later down the road I want to become involved in Law, and human psychology, so I think that working as an intern for OC might help me get the opportunities to see those dreams carried out.

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