First Experiences!

Hello all!
I am completing my internship by participating in three different leadership positions. This summer will be my third internship to complete. This year’s intern experience is a little different than my past intern experiences. The first part of my internship is to assist Shelby Thibodeaux, the Intern and Apprentice Program Coordinator for Ogallala Commons. I had the opportunity of being on the other side of orientation this year as a leader and it was interesting seeing how it all operates and how many people from all over come together to make it possible and successful. I helped Shelby before orientation by stuffing folders, putting a color and number on name tags, and figuring out who roomed with whom. I was a group leader and guided a small group during orientation. It was an enjoyable and rewarding experienfe. I also assisted Shelby with whatever tasks she needed me to do. Some people at orientation even called me her mini me, which is sort of true. We are very much alike; we are both golds and have similar personalities. I have also made spreadsheets that contain information about all the interns. I am excited for what Shelby has me to work on this summer.

The second part of my internship is being the supervisor for the interns of Swisher County. This will definitely be a learning experience. I am excited that I have the opportunity to be on the leafership side while working with these young students. I took two of the four to orientation and I got to know them very well. My responsibilities include making sure they complete their blogs on time, submit timesheets, going to every job assignment, and answering any questions they may have.

The third part of my internship is helping with the Swisher County Picnic Celebration which is held every third weekend of July. I helped with it last year and I had to cut 100 pounds of onions! Yuck. Picnic week kicks off Tuesday the 12th of July. I will be helping with various tasks throughout the week. Saturday, the 16th , is the big day, picnic day! I will sell tickets with my father for the delicious BBQ lunch that is served. That night is the rodeo and dance and I will assist wherever I am needed. I am not sure what I will be doing yet, but I will be helping Calley Runnels, the Swisher County Extension Agent.
I am excited and looking forward to work with these amazing people this summer, it will be a learning and very rewarding experience.
cody laura kate
cole anndee

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