4) Community Service

Hey y’all,
When people think of community service they mostly think about doing things like picking up trash, washing cars in the hot sun, etc. Not all community service has to be harsh. Anyone can serve their community doing something they enjoy. That is why when I served my community I made sure it was something I would enjoy. So, I served my community through my faith, assisting the public with local events, and as well within my own work force. The first and foremost was helping out at my local church’s food kitchen. It was so great seeing everyone get together to help feed some of our community who can’t always have a decent meal. Sometimes people need a good meal along with a “God Bless.” Another way I served my community was through a local event called, “Cops and Kids” that the city puts on for the community in honor of our Police force and firefighters. I was at a booth wrapping up and serving hot dogs as well as handing out water. I also participated in a entrepreneur fair in Tulia, TX where I helped middle school students create business ideas and present them to the public, as well as gathering all the permission slip forms for the fair. I was so glad to have aided in a workshop like that because it gave me the opportunity to exercise my presentation skills and hand down knowledge I had about the business industry! The last way I served my community was through a local business needed help with promoting their product and business. So I participated in the Quince Expo at a grocery store here in town. This expo featured different dresses and tuxes available to rent for a quinceanera or possibly prom. At the expo, I got the opportunity to model two tuxedos and talk about their business. Although I didn’t receive any awards or cash for these events, I received a lot of feedback from the community as well as serving my time to help one another out.
From the mind of an intern,
Tony Lee Hernandez
Ogallala Commons Intern 2017


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