4) Community Service 2018 ;)

Hey y’all,

This year it was so hard to do community service in the summer. However, because I work for a company that lets me have every Sunday off, I was able to accomplish a little more. My community service was done during the school year at Plainview High School as well as the summer time in different organizations. During the school year I gave my time to an organization called FBLA, Future Business Leaders of America, where I had the opportunity to be a manager for the school store called, “Spike’s Shop.” My team and I had to set up and move everything in its place to have the store in tack today. The reason for this was because the store was in a previous location before so we “renovated” into a new location inside the high school. Outside of school I am involved in an organization called, “Chick-fil-A Serves,” team. In this team I had the opportunity to help out at nursing homes, set-up a Chick-fil-A team building event called “Chick-fil-A Olympics”, as well as a community carwash hosted by the Chick-fil-A Serves group. During my community service I had the opportunity to create relationships with different people throughout my community. At the nursing home I was able to meet so many wonderful people that had interesting stories throughout their lifetime, in my Chick-fil-A Serves group I was able to meet other team members from other stores and learn about their great lives, and in FBLA I had the chance to interact with different customers and different employees! My community service was nowhere near boring. I hope I leave my community in thinking that community service does not have to be picking up trash, mowing people’s lawns, etc., and that it can be very fun and interesting! My time was definitely not wasted!

From the mind of an intern,
Tony Lee Hernandez

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