3 key Assets of Woodland Park


Sandra (in the middle), Grace (right), and myself (left) touring a Farmers Market.

The Famers Market (the place that I am an apprentice at) is a place that provides several key assets. However, the one that I am going to address which is also one of its most defined assets is culture. The atmosphere of our market is full of music, chatter, and community. People love to come just to enjoy strolling through the market and possibly running into friends. It is an accurate representation of the culture of Teller County.  It is a place for everyone to gather together to share their produce, talents, and passions. It is a place where music and art are shared from the locals. When walking into our Farmers Market, one can experience the small mountain town vibe and the culture of Woodland Park.


Meadow Wood ice skating rink

                Leisure and Recreation:

Woodland Park features, what I call, an AMAZING Parks and Rec facility!  Meadow Wood is a facility that provides: several

Meadow Wood Soccer Complex

tennis courts, a baseball field, a skating rink, hiking trails, a playground, and multiple soccer fields. This is one of my favorite features of Woodland Park. I love it so much because in the summer it provides a place for the soccer and tennis group I am part of to come together every week to play. During the winter I love to go ice skating with friends. Meadow Wood provides a place for me to do that. The entire community is very grateful for this facility. For me this has been a prominent outlet to be more active and social.


Over the years Woodland Park has increasingly become more health conscious. The City of Woodland Park has two health food stores. The first, is Mountain Naturals, a place that I shop at regularly. Everything inside the store has been carefully selected by the store owners who make a huge effort to support locally sourced foods, and who make absolute sure that all that they sell is very healthy. The second store is Natural Groceries. This store is still in the building process but is a huge step for the community of Woodland Park. It is a big step because stores like natural grocers cater to a larger audience which means the community is supportive enough to sustain such a store. It has been such an encouragement to see the community grow in being healthier.

Laurie and Jan Mnt. Naturals store owners

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