2nd Blog

Hello! This is Dalton Webster. I apologize on how late this blog is. So what I’ve been doing on my internship is working at Silverton Schools. I am working in the maintenance department. Me and another intern are co workers at this job. Witch was a great experience because it taught me on how to communicate with others while trying to complete a job. It also taught me the important of being a leader and a team worker. Those are very important skills to learn in life. In my personal opinion.

What I’ve been working on is grinding the old floor in the ag shop office. And working on putting in the new tile. That taught me how to lay tile which was a goal of mine for my career. Next me and my other co workers started cleaning out the ag shop. Last school year we had a new ag teacher and she was very new. She was about 20 years old and didn’t do any sort of work in the shop. So there was a bunch of trash and old projects from the previous year. Now imagine how long it took us to get all of the trash, metal, and tools in order? We also swept and dusted everything. It took us a good 2 solid days.

Ag Shop
Bus Barn

This is our schools bus barn. It is full of all of the high school construction stuff. We had to go in there and organize, sort through and throw out a bunch of things. All of this took us two weeks to complete.

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