2014, A Year in the making

My internship over the past year has taught such invaluable lessons.  I would never trade this past year for anything. I really developed my leadership skills and truly feel as though I have made a difference in my local community. Thank you for all that you have provided Ogallala Commons!

I want shift gears here and spend the next bit of time talking about the community garden I started and the 1 year anniversary event we have had recently. On October 25th, 2014 we held a Harvest Festival at the community garden. The plan was to really open the eyes of the neighborhood that this garden is here, it is here for them, and we want to provide services and really get to know the community. We did this by providing 4 free workshops: rainwater harvesting, grow it, eat it for kids, composting, and sustainable landscapes taught by local volunteers. We also held a raffle all day long with items donated by people and businesses throughout Lubbock. We had an all-day free barbeque with healthy options to show what proper nutrition can be like, with also some salsa made from the kids at the workshops and some produce from the garden. Last but not least, we had a booth in which kids could paint rocks for our flower and herb garden perimeter, paint pumpkins for décor, put their handprints on the rainwater structure, and plant little seeds to take home and nurture. Mostly, the kids painted themselves on accident!

All this was able to be done because of the local volunteers, community support, and the Volunteer Center of Lubbock whom paid for it all. And may I just say it was a success! We had over 100 people show up throughout the day with tons of food eaten and comradery shared. Many people went up to me and explained that either they had no idea this existed or was unsure that is was available to the public!

The biggest thing I took home from that was how much people care but need a little awareness. That day alone was the most rewarding day of the entire internship. Together, we have built a rainwater harvesting structure, a full garden, an elaborate compost system, and accomplished so much more TOGETHER. Don’t think this is the end.

eating pumpkin raffle winner salsa volunteers

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