#2 Marley Kendall

Hi, everyone! At this point in my hybrid summer internship with Grassroots Art Center and Ogallala Commons, I am working on cataloging the Art Center’s permanent artists and collection into Logly, a digital software and guide for museums. 

This online collection will be accessible by QR code and I am working on creating hyperlinks that link interview and tour videos to the artist’s page. I have been going through the Grassroots Art Center’s online archive and using some physical archived material in order to collect information about individual artists and determine which of their works of art should be showcased in the Grassroots Art Center’s online collection. It has been fun going through the various pictures and videos in each artist’s file. My hope is that creating a digital guide for the Grassroots Art Center will make it easier to learn in-depth information about specific works of art and artists.

Logly has the unique function of a comment section where you, the viewer, can comment on pieces of art and media by grassroots artists. A goal that I have is that I will be able to communicate with viewers of our online collection and respond to their reactions to the online catalog and the content I included in it.

Another goal I have is to connect with the greater community of Lucas and grassroots artists beyond the town through my work at the Grassroots Art Center. I also hope that cataloging the Grassroots Art Center’s permanent collection will allow me to gain experience in an archiving/ cataloging position which will be helpful toward my professional success as an aspiring art historian. I have attached some screenshots of what I am working on. Thanks for reading!

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