1st Blog- About Me

By: Bailee Baggerman

I am Bailee Baggerman from Happy, Texas. I recently graduated from Happy High School and I plan to attend West Texas A&M University next semester. My hobbies include, FFA, 4-H, basketball, track, and cross country. My passions include agriculture and sports. In the future I plan to get a major in athletic training. After college, I would like to become an athletic trainer at a high school and then eventually make my way up to college and then to bigger things such as the NFL, NWBA, and major rodeos like the NFR and the PBR. I discovered I wanted to be an athletic trainer through playing sports in high school. I wanted to still be involved in sports but rather than playing them I wanted to help future athletes to be able to enjoy their sports and be saved from injury.

The OC Community Internship will help me to gain confidence in the work field and also help me to learn more about how to work with others to obtain a common goal. The internship will allow me to learn how a business is run and how one day I can run my own.I also will learn how to be a good employee and the internship will teach me lessons that every person should know. During my internship I will be working at many different companies. These companies will show me what it’s like to work in different work environments and how there can be many ways a company can be run and how to do it efficiently.

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