All About Me
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I am Evan Lagergren, and I am from a rural community called La Junta, in Colorado. I come from a Christian home, and my Grandpa is the pastor of our church. I am in eleventh grade, I have three brothers and one sister, and a few close friends that are basically are family. My grandmother on my dad’s side owns the Lighthouse Bookstore, where I work, and my mom’s parents own their own trucking business. I am very passionate about books and mountain biking. I love art and playing video games. I am interested in being a fighter pilot, and I really want to own a coffee shop that sells art supplies and teaches different art styles and mediums. I also want to start an airsoft field in the Vogel Canyon area for fun and for training people in battle strategy. I want to own a coffee shop that sells quality art supplies because we don’t have a place that sells high-end art supplies in the Arkansas Valley. The closest airsoft field is in Pueblo, and a group of kids can’t just ride their bikes to Pueblo for some weekend fun. An internship would help me reach those goals by helping me get the experience I need in restaurant work and retail ownership.

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