10 Hours of Fun!

I completed my community service hours at the Red Willow Farm in Taos Pueblo. The farm is managed by Angelo McHorse, a fellow Fort Lewis graduate, and Hillary Duran. I worked with six other youth interns, all from the Pueblo, and very enthusiastic about their jobs. It was really fun working with the youth interns because I got to meet the younger generation of my tribe and they taught me a lot of how to do things at the farm. I volunteered every Wednesday, usually between the hours of eight and eleven in the morning. I chose Wednesdays because it’s the day they have their market called the Red Willow Farmers Market. I felt I could gain experience and knowledge in how to run a farm to help me with the implementation of my own and I did! My duties during that time there were harvesting vegetables, cleaning and bundling them, a lot of weeding, and planting.

I learned so much during my time at the farm and Angelo was very helpful in giving me advice and tips in starting my market. He helped me in developing a pricing strategy, amounts of produce I should ask of my farmers (so I don’t have to waste), and ways to set up my market. I feel learning all these new things, about the market and farming, is was the best part of my community service, along with working with the youth workers. I love learning new things and expanding my knowledge and that just what I did and it has helped me succeed in other parts of my internship. I would say the only challenging thing about volunteering at the farm was waking up in the morning. I am so not a morning person but having to wake up and to get to the farm on time showed me the benefits of starting the day off early.



You can tell how hot it is by how poofy my hair is
You can tell how hot it is by how poofy my hair is
Working in the greenhouse with other volunteers
Working in the greenhouse with other volunteers
Hillary's Sun FLowers
Hillary’s Sun FLowers

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