Work in Progress.

Mark J.

Over all the basics skills were there I just had to see the farm lands for my self Ushi & I seen a couple plots of growing land witch was a site to see, in a way i seen myself growing just like that so the goals are simple Land,water,seedbank  learning new ways to self-grow as well as Plant, there is something new each time I go around to these places such as how other people mix there soil’s or how the plants are germinated to what organic feed to feed the plants, the work that goes in to the plants them self’s is noticeable after a week’s work, my experience so far is going good see things I never really noticed at first now am catching myself on how to do the step’s  to get where I need to be, a little change at a time not a bad thing the way I see it I will only get better more or less at the things that are going to make a change that I see for my people witch was the point of me going with this thus far, I gain a little each day to the final goals witch I never saw coming, now the plan is falling in to place things are getting better around my community in ways that I feel I set in motion but I can do so much more I know I could, just time will tell my story END.Tomatos Rabbit

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