What J.B. has been up to and Goals for his Internship

I am currently interning with the Swisher County AgriLife Extension office and have been for about three weeks now. Some of the big events I have helped with during this time are all in the 4-H setting, so far it has been the District 2 Junior Leadership Lab at South Plains College, planted cotton trials in Kress, Texas, and helped conduct the District 2 Horse Show at the Texas Tech Equine Facilities. Some goals I have set for myself in this internship is communication, leadership, and professional connections. My goal to be a better communicator is that I will make sure that I learn something new about a member of the extension office every week until the last week of my internship. This is a smart goal because it is specific, I can measure if I have achieved it or not, it is very attainable or can be achieved, relevant to communication because I have to talk and learn about my coworkers, and I have set a time wise point for me to accomplish it by. My leadership goal is to host a showmanship clinic for all the youth in Swisher County by July 29th, 2019. The students will learn animal welfare, nutrients of feed, and the importance of consistency for their animal. Finally, my professional connections goal is to meet at least 15 ag teachers and County Extension Agents combined and ask them why they enjoy their job. This will be a great networking skill to learn with the possibility of building relationships with future work associates and also help me decide which profession to get into in the future.

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