What I’ve Been Up To

By: Elisha Saez

I have enjoyed my past few weeks doing this internship. I have learned many new things while interning at the school in my town. I have been helping get ready for the next school year so far I have done things like cleaning off the bottoms of desks, painting the playground and the football field, cleaning out and emptying classrooms, resetting and adding new programs onto computers, and pulling weeds as well as doing garden work. I got a really bad sunburn from working outside that is why you should wear sunscreen. The first week I was organizing, resting and putting away chrome books. My supervisor, unfortunately, cannot be there through the whole week so I work with the school’s cleaning staff during her absence. The next few weeks consisted of me working with the cleaning staff to help clean out the bottoms of desks and chairs, as well as cleanout rooms completely and even paint on some of the school’s things. I have enjoyed the past few weeks of my internship and I’m hoping what’s coming next I will enjoy just as much.

My personal communication goal for this internship is to be more communicative with the people around me. As well as being able to start and keep a conversation going. My leadership goal is to be more confident as well as teach others what I am learning and how to operate the computers. Finally, my professional goal is to be able to finish this internship and be able to do it with all of my goals accomplished.

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