What is going Down

Good day,

Ladies and gentlemen, a quick update on my internship. Its definitely going a little rough at the moment. I have been tasked with the responsibility to update and get into contact with past interns which are called “alumni.” I am not going to lie it has not been easy with a lot of the information from the past not being updated. We are talking about alumni that have been from ten years ago till now. If you have ever researched the Ogallala Commons and see how far it stretches it is a lot of ground to cover with it stretching into a vast number of states. My main priority is to see if I can get back into contact with the alumni from the New Mexico area. Its been a bit rough but I am hoping to pull this off in some form or manner.

The next thing I was tasked with is to run a Commonwealth Youth academy to enrich and show that in our small community we do have the resources to prosper, to grow, and be something more than what we think we can. There is plenty to show them here in our small community we just have to be demonstrated of where its at and what we can do with it. So far things are looking good and I hope to keep improving with the tasks that have been given to me.


Martin Rodriguez

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