What I’m up to

By Alea Wittler

This year I am interning with Ogallala Commons as a developer of digital and media resources. I have been working on three main projects so far; The OC Virtual Orientation, OC Workshops, and the Arkvalley Foodshed project. I have learned a lot even from just working on these projects! I’ve learned a lot of shortcuts to edit faster and how to communicate better. The OC Virtual Orientation is a series of recorded videos that can be watched by OC Interns who weren’t able to attend the initial orientation. I basically went in and just cleaned up the videos. If someone’s audio was too loud I fixed the audio by turning it down or cut out and long pauses and frozen screens. I also just started editing the Ark Valley Foodshed Zoom Calls. I do the same thing to those videos as well as organize them into folders. I will soon be working on a project that is a part of the Ark Valley project, where I interview local foodshed producers. Raelynn and I will actually be working on that project together, but my half will be centered around digital media, meaning that I will be making short videos to go on Facebook and other social media platforms! My three goals this year to learn how to write emails and learn how to communicate virtually better, I would also like to improve my leadership skills by acting as a mentor to Ms. Raelynn Sandoval. Raelynn is a first-year intern this year and is working in the same office as me! My last goal to expand my professional network is to meet and connect with people outside of my everyday work. I’m excited to see where this internship will take me as I continue working!

Working on editing one of the Virtual E-fair videos

A day at the office working on videos!

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