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What I’m up to!

With my first week I completed 40 hours, I spent Monday through Friday 8a.m. to 5p.m. I job shadowed in every section in the clinic such as the front office, coding office, nurses, and even a specialist and his medical assistant that comes once a month from Denver! Being in the clinic this past week has taught me so much, I know not to aim low or settle for less then what I am capable of, and if you aim high, there is always something to catch you if you end up not liking what you’re in. Every single day this past week I would come home to my mom and just be so excited to tell her what I learned today. Shadowing the specialist Dr lead me to want to try a little bit of everything In the medical field. It also has shown me that there is so much more thank you think to every little thing. This next week I will be in the hospital and then the third week I will be In the LTC! I have enjoyed learning as much as I have so far and can’t wait to keep moving.

My communication goal of this week was to create a friendship/ relationship with 5 people, and keep adding 5 more to the list every week. However, I actually ended up making 14 relationships/friendships within the clinic. Next week my goal is to make 10 more new ones, and the third week make 15 new ones.