What I Have Been Up To- Blog 2

Hi! I am interning at the Briscoe County AgriLife Extension Office. I have no clue where to start this blog, because over the last few weeks I have done so many things through my internship. I have gotten to experience so many things through this internship like how to run the office and experienced what it is like to work on the Agriculture side and the Family and Community Health side. I have worked more on the health side this past month. I have gotten to help at the weekly Summer Reading Program where we read books to the kids in our community then make crafts and snacks that relate to the books read. I also got to lead a game session at our Caprock Canyons 4-H Camp. In my session we played water games to keep the kids cool and moving like water balloon Volleyball, Dump the Cup, and water Limbo. On the Agriculture side I had the opportunity to help with the Validation. While at validation I learned how to handle the paper work and got to learn how other livestock Validation works since I have only had pigs. We also have a community garden which plays into both sides of extension. I have learn so many things by participating in the care of the garden like how to weed, water, spray plants, and how to identify harmful and helpful bugs. I have found that I really enjoy both sides of extension. So far this internship has been amazing and I have learned so many things about myself and my community. I have also gotten to share the things I have learned in my previous years of 4-H with the younger kids in my community. I cannot wait to experience the rest of my internship.

Helping the group I had at my session play Dump the Cup.
Helping with the paperwork at Validation.
Helping the kids who attended Library Program with there craft.

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