What Could I Be Up To?

While the world is still recuperating from our recent pandemic, I have been waiting for our local dental clinic to open up. In the meantime, I have gotten the chance to experience the less-viewed side of dentistry. This includes scanning documents, attending meetings, and helping out in various other ways.

Since preschool, I have been a quiet kid who tends to shy away from public speaking. While I was very quiet in elementary school and middle school, high school has done an excellent job of pushing me out of my comfort zone and into leadership roles where public speaking is required. While I have gone through lots of growth over the years, I hope this internship will be able to push me even farther out of my comfort zone and result in me not hesitating when asked to speak in front of a group. Along with this, I also aim to be able to effortlessly accept leadership roles when needed, and even seek out leadership opportunities. I plan on expanding my professional network by shadowing not one, but two dentists, one being an oral surgeon. I believe this will give me a broader perspective of the opportunities in my preferred field of work, and give me more insight into the exact path I want to follow for my future.

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