What am I up to?

I am currently an intern for Mike Weber at the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District. My first week at work was pretty laid back, for the most part. Mike taught me everything I needed to know the first day on the job. Whether it was how to log my hours in, check wells, or how to change door knobs! He also showed me around the McClave area which is where his office is located at. It was very useful considering the fact that I do a lot of driving up there. My second week of work was very busy even with the other intern being back from vacation. He wasn’t new to the job which was good because he taught me a thing or two. He showed me how to install soil probes (which were a pain) and he showed me how to build them from scratch. Besides doing that we checked wells throughout the McClave and Wiley area which weren’t as bad. Also, I check water gauges and clean out flumes everyday at two ponds.

Here is a picture of me cleaning out a flume at a pond.

Here is a picture of me reading the water of the Arkansas Valley River.

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