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What Am I Doing?

At this point, I have been working for CHS for about 2 weeks. The first major project that I have been given has been to help collect tissue samples for local corn producers. In order to do this, we use an app that displays the different zones that can be found within a given field. It also displays our location in the field as we are collecting samples. When we are collecting samples, we begin by determining the stage of the corn. Following this step, we collect the most developed leaf from corn stocks. In order to successfully complete tissue samples, we need to collect roughly twenty samples from each section. 

I have also been completing other odds and ends tasks for CHS. Some of the main tasks include working machinery such as forklifts and skid steers, using small electric tools, riding around with our applicators in their sprayers, and transporting chemicals for our salesman. I also have made it a habit for my to clean up around the shop each day to make sure that it does not become an extremely tedious task. 

My communication goal is to communicate with all of the salesman and my supervisor before the end of the day to create a plan for myself the next day. A very big component of this is going back through and informing everyone of where I will be and what times I will be available. My leadership goal is to help my families’ 4-H club to grow their financial stability. The professional network goal that I have set is to gain strong relationships with all of the employees in the Yuma location and at least three people at all of our other facilities.