Welcome to Leoti

What is commonwealth? Until going to the Ogallala conference in Texas I had no clue what commonwealth even meant. Now I know that it is the building blocks of a community. It is the basic resources and assets that a community has. In Leoti it is simple to see the commonwealth assets.

Our schools provide kids with an education, from preschool all the way through high school. The local clinics and hospital provide whatever health needs we may have. Also the Senior Center and fitness center.

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In Leoti there are several places to have fun and relax. From the swimming pool and park to having fun at the fair and ball games, there is always something to do. Kids, adults, and even grandparents enjoy all of the different places to eat in Leoti too. My favorite is getting a frap from the Coffee House and a really big cookie from the Bakery. Even the Farmer’s Market provides fresh veggies and baked goods for the community to enjoy.

More commonwealth assets are history, culture, spirituality. I can’t even count the number of churches there are in Wichita County, but I do know we have one for almost any religion. As for history and culture all you have to do is look around town. If you really want to see the history though, go to the museum. I go in there and feel like I was transported into the past.

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There are so many wild bunnies everywhere and more frogs this summer then I’ve ever seen before. Since we don’t have any lakes nearby we rely on wells and town water. We do have wind turbines just east of Leoti though.

With growing businesses and more families moving here for the small community lifestyle, our town is getting bigger each year. I’m glad I grew up here and can call Leoti my home!summer intern blogging pic 5

To access the room block by phone use “Ogallala Commons Room Block” at:  (806) 803-5514

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