One volunteering opportunity I used was cleaning up after a meal at Ogallala Commons’ orientation. For the rest of my hours, I chose to utilize volunteering opportunities that I do every summer. Throughout the year, I volunteer at my church as a projector operator. I switched to this job about a year or so ago from volunteering as a communion assistant at my church. The projectors are used to follow along with the readings, show lyrics for hymns, expound upon announcements, and show pictures, etc. that tie in with the pastor’s sermon.
I also utilized the various opportunities for volunteering at the county fair. As I am a 4-Her, there are many aspects of the fair I have volunteered with since I was little. The first of which is fair setup. This typically occurs the Monday before the start of the fair, however, the way the 4th of July fell this year, it was moved to the Sunday before the fair. This is when all the animal pens are arranged as necessary, tables are covered in skirts and paper, and the decorations go up. Another way I volunteer at the fair is by working at the concession stand. This concession stand is organized by the Friends of 4-H which helps to provide scholarship money and operate the fairgrounds. These ladies and gentlemen take off the entire week of the fair to do nothing but help out around the fair. This concession stand doesn’t have the typical fair food, instead it has meals such as taco salads, fried chicken, spaghetti, as well as homemade cinnamon rolls, cookies and so many more things all made by these Friends of 4-H. We as 4-Hers volunteer to help them run the concession stand while it is open. Another way I volunteered at the fair is I wrote comments for a photography judge. I always enjoy writing comments for judges because I learn so much about what each judge is looking for.
Overall, I chose to utilize volunteering opportunities I have been doing for years to fulfill the community serviced requirements of my internship.


A photo of me running the church projector.


A photo of me at the fair, helping write comments for the judge.

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