Volunteering IN 2014

Volunteering is not always delivered in the exact package as expected. It does not always mean working at a homeless shelter or at a nursing home. It can be as little as helping your neighbor clean their garage out or take your friend’s dog out for a walk.

Although as interns we are expected to provide community service volunteering hours, it is likely that working for this organization we already perform them in our day-to-day lives. Going out of your way to help someone out or providing a service to the community is just naturally rewarding.

So I hate to admit, but most of my volunteer hours aren’t anything spectacular. They’re merely things I would have done anyhow, but now get to record them on a piece of paper.

In March, I volunteered at Texas Tech’s Annual Biological Sciences Symposium where I helped people hang up their research posters and direct them. I did it because I was already going to be there and as a researcher myself, completely understand what is it like to not know where you are going or doing alongside the nerves of having to present.

Additionally, I planned and helped run a children’s education booth at Lubbock Lake Landmark for their paired event with Natural Resources at TTU called Scales, Tails, and Trails. I got to teach kids about insects in which they had to dig for them, match each up with their environment, and make antennae to were and act like a bug! I had such a blast because I love bugs and I love teaching kids.

I have worked at both a Meet and Greet event setting up for their silent auction and a fundraiser where we sold tickets for a screening of the Aldo Leopold film Green Fire.

All in all, it is a good feeling to help out others. It doesn’t matter how small or large it is, because it all counts and it all matters. I am just glad to have had the opportunity to work for an organization who values such services.

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