Vanessa Beltran

 Hi, my name is Vanessa Beltran and I am from Silverton, Texas! This is my second year doing an internship. Last year, I did it for the AgriLife Extension Office and this year I will be continuing to do the same thing. 

During my internship, one of the main things that I will be doing is the summer reading program at our local library. This program involves me and the other intern picking a book at the library that is kid friendly and a book that we can make an easy snack and craft out of.

This week was the first week of the summer reading program and we chose the Rainbow Fish Book! We got the book and we chose a healthy snack that would correlate to the book. We chose to make a graham cracker with yogurt, blueberries, and goldfish. The craft that we chose was a paper plate that looked like a fish decorated with fun colorful paper. The game that we played outside was sharks and minnows. At 12 all the kid’s parents came and picked them up. This program is every Wednesday at 11 and ends at 12. 

Another thing that I did was go validate some sheep for a family. We validated 6 sheep and then we headed over to another family’s house and validated 3 pigs. We also counted and checked off the signs for the rodeo that is happening in August. We do this now for it not to be such a hard task during the week. That week of August is super busy! 

This week I also helped to do photography practice with all of the younger 4-h kids. We walked around town and took pictures that we thought were cool and interesting. On the first day of the internship, we went and assisted at the Pankfork camp in Wellington, Texas. I led the games station and it was super fun! Overall, the first week was very good and I had a fun time.

A goal for communication is listening to the intern that is with me and taking their words into consideration. I also want to meet new people and communicate with them. For leadership, I want to be more confident in being in front of all the people that I will be with. I would also like to lead the reading programs every week. I think that I can achieve this goal. To expand my networking I want to meet new people when I go to validate different animals or when I do a presentation. I would also like to network with other interns in the area that are doing an internship in the same area that I am!

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