Thus Far

Hello Again Everyone,

This far into my internship for Wichita County K-State Research and Extension Office I have been mainly focused on the Community Garden and Farmer’s Market. The goal is to attract and inform more people in the community and possibly outside the community about the benefits each of these wonderful things have to offer our community. The main thing with the garden is to get the community more aware of this new opportunity that they have to experience time in a garden. The Community Garden was new to Leoti in the past year and has been a big success since being opened up to the public. My family actually has a plot in the garden and we really enjoy going up there and spending time taking care of it. The school as also used it to help teach the second graders about plants. The second graders had actually planted pumpkins in the garden. The Farmer’s Market is not a huge thing here in Leoti, unfortunately. This is something that we are trying to change. I and the other intern here have both been trying to think of ways to get the community more excited about the Farmer’s Market. We know this is something that can not be changed in one summer but if we build a plan now it can help to give a foundation for something to happen in the future. I have been enjoying this greatly and I am so glad that I took this opportunity to get more involved with the community and to help it grow and become an even more amazing place.IMG_2234 IMG_2237

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