The Start of A New Beginning (First Experiences)

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Hello Readers,

Ogallala Commons has teamed me up with the City of Plainview for my summer of 2016 internship. I am happy to say that the internship is going very well. It is very hard for me to explain my role as the intern and what I am doing for the City of Plainview. Here at the City of Plainview I am currently updating the city zoning map. The map consists of every building with in the city limits of Plainview. I am updating the map so that the categories of the building will be up to date. For example, if a person wants to split a house into two separate units the building will change its category from an R-1 to an MF-1. On the side I am also answering phone calls to many different people and businesses who may need different types of permits/inspections for different many different reasons.

I was a little skeptical at first to see how long I was going to continue to stay with my internship because I had a hard time understanding my role for the first two days! With a little help from my supervisor, Cris, and the administrative assistant, Judy, I have a better understanding of what my role is and I am completing tasks a little at a time. It is so interesting to hear about other people’s conflicts about their business or home and what the process is to fix their needs. Considering that I want to attend college for business administration, my internship here was the right choice because of all the business skills and information that I am gaining throughout the internship. I’ve met so many…. unique people in my first week of interning and I’m barely starting! I can assure y’all that my internship is very interesting!

Tony Lee Hernandez

Ogallala Commons Intern 2016