The Shoes of an Apprentice

In my last blog I talked of my past goals. In this bog I want to share about this year’s goals regarding my apprenticeship. Now that there have been a few Farmers Markets, I’ve been able to put my goals to practice. My projects for this year are to continue to work on the Farmers Market manual, help manage the market, and help Sandra and Grace (the new interns) with their projects. As I step into the shoes of an apprentice, I have set 3 goals to accomplish; be punctual, be organized, and keep my word.

Talking with Ahvanha Farms a 100% locally grown and organic farm!

Being as I have 2 another jobs on top of this apprenticeship, sometimes it can feel like I am constantly running around, and it can be easy to lose track of time. To help accomplish this goal of being punctual I’ve set my clocks ahead of time and have been preparing my things for the Farmers Market a day ahead. So far, I have been arriving right on time.

Although I am fairly organized, I must be very orderly with my

Had the honor of helping some ambitious Young Entrepreneurs with designing a costume wood sign!

projects or I will get behind. There’s a saying that mentions the state of your room is the state of your life. Well I took that to heart and to implement that into helping the Farmers Market, I set up a shed day. The other interns and myself cleaned out the entire Farmers Market shed. We went through all that the Farmers Market owns, and we organized and cleaned everything. Whether the saying is true or not, organizing the shed has made setting up for the market each Friday much easier.

My last goal, but certainly not the least, is to always keep my word. To help myself achieve this goal I’ve given myself deadlines for the projects I am working on and have told others when it will be done.  When life is busy and demanding it can be easy to forget about something you said you would do. Whether whatever I say is of great importance or of small, I want to be sure I mean what I say and stick to it.

By setting theses 3 goals I plan to step into the shoes of an apprentice with success.

It takes team work skills to set up each Friday!
Our Farmers Market Mascot…the Colorado Mountain Dog!

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