The Ludicrously Late Return

Why hello and good day to you all.

I would like to give you all the deepest of apologize for this untimely blog, but I thought it would be more than ok to deliver the message of my time since I last saw everyone. Boy does the time fly. I picked up another job at a school to help pass some of it. I was there to work with the school doing a videography project with Zia Pueblo, and I was there to teach photography as a part of my community service. It was fun working with the students, but not so fun working for the principle. The whole ordeal was great and good experience for future employment. But I needed to return to the place I should be working at, and it could not have been at a better time. A great deal had changed within my absence; both in appearance and staff. The fields are full, and the produce is thriving. We have a smaller staff than what we started with, but they do twice the work while having a smile on their face. Their efforts have changed and kept the farm in business during these rough times.  And because of that they have gained a lot of support from the community. With the market for the Pueblo community, the farm has been able to provide healthy/organic produce for the community, and a platform for local vendors to sell their food, art, and products. As it stands, the market is only for the Pueblo community members, but the RWC has been considering catering to the Town of Taos. The town holds a farmers’ market in the plaza every Saturday that allows for locals and small businesses to sell their products. The Farm hopes to become like this one day, but until then they’ll continue to serve the Pueblo community. With the changes being made to the Farm and the help it has now; it will someday become a great source of healthy organic food for both Taos Pueblo and the Town of Taos. For now, we will just have to prepare and improve ourselves for the next time.

Good Day and Good Night,

Aidan S.

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