The Lake

At a younger age I was told that Atwood had much to offer. That there are resources and opportunities all around, but I didn’t take a chance to look. I didn’t think it mattered to me. I didn’t need to know about the soil, food sheds, or culture. I was more concerned with getting through school, music contests and shows, and planning for the future. So I never took the time to appreciate the people and business that let this town grow. That’s what is really amazing about Ogallala Commons. They do what they can to showcase the elements of communities that, though important, are sometimes forgotten and making a difference to the community.

It wasn’t until exploring Atwood for its art that I realized how much art there really was around. So further exploring the other elements in the Wheel of Common Wealth just revealed so many of the resources that I’ve been told about, and looking at some in a different light.

The Atwood Lake is something that for the longest time I just thought of as a small body of water that Atwood just had. It is but the lake is so much more than that. The Lake is a part of Atwood’s culture, its history, recreational, spirituality, wildlife, water cycle, its health, and sense of place. The Lake is connected with the baseball fields, the golf course, our Knights of Columbus Hall, the Good Samaritan Nursing Home, to Highway 36, and The Old Depot Store. There’s a sidewalk around the Lake that people use to run and walk. There is a gazebo where musical events are hosted. There is just so many things that happen at and around the Lake it’s incredible.

The Lake is only a piece of Atwood, but it’s a huge part that shows the spirit of Atwood. A small community with a whole lot of resources.IMG_0027 IMG_0030 IMG_0153

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