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The Homestretch

It is so crazy how in life you think you will always have the same old summer each year but this year was the best summer I have had! Working as an Ogallala Intern has helped me grow in ways I did not know I could grow. In my community I did not know we had such a lively youth. So many kids just wanting to get out of the house and find activities to do! I also never thought I could start my own community project that would start a reaction and start so many relationships! With this all the money put into my community project was given to Operation Christmas Child.


Through my whole internship before I even knew it I started to learn all the Commonwealth Key Assets. I never knew that we had all of these in our little community. Along with learning all the key assets I have also learned having a better attitude and work ethic. Although, at times it was super hard to with some of the situations I was put against, there was always a way to get it done.

I gained so many personal relationships in this process of just trying to better my community. I learned that any act of kindness starts a chain reaction. So what I did was had a little garden in my backyard and would give the food to the community for people that couldn’t afford to have food. Because just ONE little act like that could start a chain of reactions, just one. This had to be my favorite part, was helping these people, not to look good, or to be praised, but the feeling that I can help people, and making their days just by giving them a basket of fruit is the best feeling.



Lastly I had given three presentations for my harvesting ceremony, which once I got to the third one I was pretty calm and collected. Without this internship I would not have grown into the person I have become today, I hope to come back to this program one day, and smile at the interns coming in knowing and hoping they will grow into an amazing person as I have from this.