The City of Plainview

This summer, my internship is located at the City of Plainview working in their finance department. Since my field of study is directed towards finance, this is a great work experience for me to learn from. I have and will continue learning about how to do bank reconciliations, the utility billing process, doing payroll, how to work excel and LaserFische, along with many other complex processes they do within the finance building. From all I have done at the City of Plainview so far, I have enjoyed almost every position that I have job shadowed. My peers are so welcoming and kind in helping me whenever I do not understand something. Some of my goals I have set for myself throughout this internship may not seem to big, however, I want to learn how to be able to communicate a financial statement or budget to a few close people, with understanding what all the numbers mean. My leadership goal is to volunteer for organizations within the City of Plainview. I have already reached out to a few people on learning what I could do for any upcoming events the city has. I would like to expand my professional network by reaching out to other cities near the area, and comparing financials and the different work they do throughout other finance departments. I am going to continue working hard and gaining as much experience as I can from this great opportunity.

Christal teaching me the do’s and don’ts of the operations of utility billing. 🙂
Vanessa, the Senior Accountant, explaining the payroll process to me!

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